Ventraco Innovation Centre

Ventraco Innovation Centre offers a complete range of solutions for performance controlled bitumen. Worldwide, the quality of bitumen is decreasing due to improved technologies to get fuels out of crude  oil.

We often see that the regular use of bitumen has to be controlled and improved by additives in order to reach an acceptable quality.
The need to introduce additives into the asphalt mixes or by blending them into the bitumen, requires a knowledge centre with high quality test devices and solutions.
Ventraco decided to invest in such a centre and The Ventraco Innovation Centre was ready to launch in  2015.

Due to the growing market, VIC develops, tests and distributes many special additives for the asphalt market. These three elements are essential to be a successful and reliable business partner to bitumen producers and asphalt mixing plants and are present in the new company.





Excellent research
At VIC, all of our knowledge in chemistry and practical applications is combined. For several years, Ventraco Chemie worked together with many asphalt plant laboratories. Ventraco Chemie carried out the chemical research  and developed several additives known as the RheoFalt Series.
After the developments, these additives had a long testing program in asphalt plant laboratories to assess the impact on asphalt performance. This generated data and the additives could  be optimized further.

Direct support in asphalt mixes and plants
All the experience from these complex tests and pilots are put together in direct support of VIC. If additives are needed, VIC supports the implementation with personal assistance to implement the benefits of all the years of experimenting without the mistakes that have been made in the past. With this personal support, a lot of experimenting time and failure costs can be saved. All our knowledge of how to secure a successful implementation will be supplemented through visits and personal support.

Highly controlled and accurate distribution
VIC uses the same distribution network as Ventraco Chemie.  As you will experience, Ventraco stands for accurate delivery, high trouble shooting investment and excellent quality control. The large network of distributing facilitators and companies in the asphalt business assures good partnership.

Ventraco Innovation Centre, has all the capacity to have the right answers to solve all the challenges in this changing bitumen and asphalt market. Ventraco is looking forward to doing this  business with you as the preferred supplier you already know.