Ventraco Innovation Centre

Ventraco Innovation Centre (VIC) develops smart additives to modify asphalt and bitumen. Our additives are known by the brandname: RHEOFALT.

The world of bitumen is changing. The sources and therefore the chemical composition of bitumen are different compared to a few years ago. Straight run bitumen is disappearing from the market. Ventraco Innovation Centre offers solutions with additives which accommodate these changes while meeting the needs of the different countries we supply our products to. The challenge is to limit the environmental impact, but the focus is much broader than just reducing carbon emissions.

Decisions are based on economic benefits as well; how technology can both save the asphalt producers money as well as carbon emissions over the lifetime of a road. Bitumen today may well be a blend of several different feedstocks, which means that the chemical composition of the bitumen will vary and will have an impact on the quality of the asphalt. RHEOFALT additives improve the chemical and physical properties of the asphalt and bitumen, in order to be able to meet the European Standard and regional regulations. By using RheoFalt additives we can overcome the inconsistent and varying bitumen supplies and improve the asphalt and bitumen properties.

New bitumen does not need refineries

A breakthrough for the bitumen market; bitumen(BioBit) based on natural products with the addition of RheoFalt, developed by Ventraco Innovation Centre.
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Announcement of life cycle analysis results for RheoFalt HP-AM- and HP-LV

Ventraco Innovation Centre has determined the environment cost indicator for RheoFalt® HP-AM and RheoFalt® HP-LV by conducting the Life Cycle Analysis. This was carried out by an independent and certified agency.

Are you interested in the results? Contact us and we will gladly send it to you.

BASF expands the product portfolio with RheoFalt® additives of Ventraco

As of September 2020, BASF has the worldwide distribution rights for RheoFalt® additives manufactured by the Ventraco. The supply of RheoFalt® products to Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands, will still go through Ventraco.

We are proud of this new collaboration. RheoFalt®  enables BASF to serve the need for sustainable road construction. The product permits 100% recycling of old asphalt, and has been scoring outstanding results in internal and external tests for 10 years. 

Recyclebaar asfalt timmert aan de weg

De natuurlijke hars uit de schillen van cashewnoten zorgen bij verhitting voor een magisch product. Bij verhitting ontstaat namelijk een donkere viskeuze vloeistof. Als je deze gepolymeriseerde vloeibare natuurlijke hars toevoegt aan verouderd asfalt is het opeens oneindig recyclebaar. Jeroen Venema van Ventraco geeft tekst en uitleg.