Modified Asphalt

RheoFalt WKR-2

WKR types were developed in the late eighties and are actually the result of a large rheological research into the characteristics of standard penetration bitumen. As there was (and still is) little known about the visco-elastic characteristics of bitumen, we started an extended research on bitumen.

It soon became clear that the standard bitumen have limited mechanical characteristics. This raised the question if it would be possible to change these characteristics in such a way that sustainable asphalt could be developed. This project resulted in a few hundred polymer-mixtures with many different properties. The base for all modifications was that it had to be possible to add the modification in a standard batchmixer without no or just small adaptations. Next to that an ordinary asfaltteam should be able to work with the modified asphalt with minimal instructions. Of the many mixtures that had been developed the WKR has been used the most. In 1991 the first (road) trials were done with this modification. All applications of the WKR have been used at heavy loaded locations. RheoFalt WKR-2 consists of a mixture of EVA’s, waxes and anti-oxidants. It is still the only modification that can be added batchwise and is based on a blend of polymers.

Why WKR-2:

  • Specially designed for asphalt application
  • The only modification which contains a blend of polymers
  • Low sheer and quick dispersion in asphalt mix
  • The only modification with the same mixing behavior on laboratory scale and in the plant
  • Also contains anti-oxidants and adhesion promotors
  • Extreme adhesion on the aggregate for better durability
  • Automatic and batch dosing is possible
  • Can be recycled in ordinary asphalt

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