Low Viscous RheoFalt HP-LV

Rheofalt® HP-LV

Ventraco Innovation Center BV did develop a new RheoFalt rejuvenator specially for cold climates and colder seasons. The RheoFalt HP-LV. The biobased resins in our standard RheoFalt HP-AM show an noticeable increase in viscosity at lower temperatures because of this dosing / handling can become difficult in cold climates.

Bio Based
The Bio Based Resins in the RheoFalt are polymerized according to Ventraco’s own patented method. (Direct Polymerized CNSL) RheoFalt HP-LV is modified to meet the dosing acquirements for all asphalt plants globally. The whole RheoFalt “HP” series are based on 100% renewable raw materials and contain on volatile components. 

The New “HP-LV” grade has a viscosity range which enables the asphalt producer to work with the rejuvenator throughout the whole asphalt season, even in countries with a cold climate such as the Scandinavian countries, Eastern European, USA, Canada etc.

Recycling Roofing
Next to the penetration correction, RheoFalt HP-LV is also an excellent additive to make “bitumen donors”, such as recycled roofing bitumen or shingles workable for standard road application. Even hard natural bitumen grades can be modified to normal penetration- or Performance Grade bitumen.

In cooperation with asphalt producers Ventraco did develop this Low Viscous RheoFalt grade. The “LV” grade has a more saturated composition in comparison to the Direct Polymerized RheoFalt HP-AM, which results in a better oxidation resistance. The PAV and the RTFOT will show and improved aging characteristic to the standard HP-AM. 

Low Temperature
The HP-LV can be dosed without extra heating of special equipment to -10°C

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