Low temperature asphalt

RheoFalt LT-70

This Rheofalt product is the only mono-modification of our produc tline consisting of FT waxes. These waxes were already frequently used in the asphalt industry. The types used, however, had a meltingpoint of 115ªC. This is quite high for a low temperature additive. The application temperature will then be between the 140ªC. en 110ªC. Many people who use the FT waxes compact the asphalt at too low temperatures. This has a very negative effect on the properties of the mix. By using FT waxes it is possible to lower the process temperature with 30ªC to 40ªC. This means that the processing temperature can be between 140ªC en 70ªC.

Due to this reduction of temperature, the LT-70 offers a good alternative to foam bitumen.
By using LT-70 large savings in energy consumption (up to 30%) are possible. 
RheoFalt is the 1st in the market to use FT-waxes in the asphalt industry. This application has been patented. 

Why RheoFalt LT-70

  • Reduction of asphalt temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius
  • Can be recycled in ordinary asphalt
  • Improves workability of the asphalt mix
  • Asphalt transportation over longer distances is possible
  • 30 to 40 Degrees more workability than other FT waxes
  • Improves asphalt stability

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